The City of Brisbane is moving to make a new green area for its CBD, as it looks to attract more people to the city and bolster the value of its real estate.

The city’s new green zone will be called “The Green City”, and will encompass about 6 per cent of the city’s main thoroughfare, the Princes Highway, according to a city statement.

“The City of Queensland has been looking for ways to create an environment that will be conducive to the activities that Brisbane is known for,” it said.

It will include green space, bike paths, a new pedestrian street network and parks.

Brisbane will become the third city in Queensland to have such a new set of green zones, following Townsville and Gold Coast.

The development comes as Brisbane’s Mayor Jenny Macklin has said the city has “taken a very important step” in improving its sustainability by introducing new building codes, including a ban on building more than 10 metres on green space.

Ms Macklin said she is also pushing the city to improve its recycling collection and waste collection.

But she has said more action is needed.

The City is not the only city to look to green spaces to attract people.

More than 30 countries around the world have greened their streets in the past five years, according the Sustainable Urban Solutions Index.

A new report from the World Economic Forum said cities should strive to improve their environmental performance and create greener places.

According to the index, cities in countries with the highest levels of carbon emissions such as China, India, the US and Brazil have the highest average greenhouse gas emissions per person.

Australia’s Green Place Index was calculated based on the percentage of the country’s land covered by green areas, which is roughly 60 per cent.

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