In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday, Blackhawks forward Ben Hensley spoke about the importance of honoring veteran teammate Henrik Lundqvist.

“The first time I played against him in the playoffs, we were playing the New York Rangers and he just kept coming out of the crease,” Hensleys statement reads.

“We just kept pushing him.

I thought we did well, but we didn’t play well enough to get a chance to really give him the respect he deserves.

I’m glad he’s coming back and we can all remember how good he was.”

The Blackhawks are a member of the NHL’s new CBA and Hensys statement was in response to questions about the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Hensiys team has won five straight games and the Blackhawks have been on a winning streak.

Hensley said he has spoken with the Lundqvists family and that he expects Lundqvids return to the Blackhawks.

“That’s not something I’m sure I’ll have to talk about,” Hensen said.

“It’s something that we’ve talked about and I know that it’s something they want to know more about.

But I don’t think that’s something we’ll be discussing until we’re back home in Sweden.”

The NHLPA declined comment on the Hensies statement.

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