New cement anchor anchors are needed on the top floors of buildings, but not on the bottom floors, a key requirement to keep cement from leaching into the concrete and steel beneath them.

That means you have to drill holes in the concrete at the very top and bottom, then use bolts to secure the anchor bolts to the concrete.

The key to securing anchors is to drill them into the steel or concrete below them, which is what we did with the concrete anchors.

We drilled holes in concrete below the foundation of our condo building, and then secured the anchors using bolts.

That way, the concrete wouldn’t leak into the foundation, and the bolts would hold the concrete firmly in place.

But there are some limitations to the technique.

When you drill holes into the base of a concrete building, the bolts that hold the anchor to the base must be positioned with a straight line.

To do that, you must measure the angle of the anchor bolt, then calculate how much the angle changes as you move the bolt to a new position.

Then, you need to position the bolt so that the bolt is perpendicular to the ground.

We drilled holes into concrete below our condo’s foundation and then used bolts to securely attach our cement anchor bolt to the top and the bottom of the concrete below it.

For more information, read our guide to finding the best concrete anchors on the market.

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