For decades, cement boards and other cement-based adhesives have been the go-to adhesive for window glass and other building materials.

They are strong and durable, and the cost of making them has been dropping, and they’re often made in small batches.

Now, Lowes is offering cement board tapes in the lowes cement company’s C-Series line.

These tapes are made in the U.S. by a company called Epoxy Corp. The tapes are priced around $5 per sheet and are available in three different colors.

They come in two sizes — a medium-density for making thin walls, and a denser for making walls with thick walls.

The higher density can also be used to make larger windows.

The tape is easy to use, said Michael Wigmore, the president of the company that makes the tape.

It’s a great choice for making windows, he said.

The tape is a mix of both cement and cementboard, which means that it will hold up to a lot of heat and pressure, but is also waterproof.

You can apply it to windows by hand, Wigmo said, and it’s easy to apply to other parts of the building.

The tapes come in three sizes — medium-dense for making thinner walls, medium-hard for making thicker walls, or thick-dish for making thick walls with thinner walls.

The two-piece, three-sided tape has an adhesive that is designed to be used with a water-resistant coating.

When you apply the tape, it will stick to the wall, with a thin layer of glue between the tape and the wall.

You need to add water to the adhesive in order to stick.

When it dries, it’s ready to be wiped off, Wrigmore said.

The adhesive can also hold up well to UV light.

He said it’s the same adhesive used for cement board boards and that it has a high adhesion to the material.

You don’t need to worry about it sticking to the window, Wigs said.

Lowes also has an all-encompassing adhesive, the High Strength Cement, that is also water-resistant and is a good choice for windows.

Wigmores High Strength cement tape is made in a way that it can stick to walls and ceilings without any extra adhesive required, Wigan said.

It also is water- and moisture-resistant.

He added that there is also a C-series tape in the Lowes line that is similar to the High Strong Cement tape, but with a stronger adhesive.

You can get the tape at

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