The US may be the first country to experiment with using cement blocks instead of concrete blocks for concrete reinforcement.

The idea is to help reduce costs associated with building concrete, the BBC reports.

The use of cement is cheaper than using concrete blocks, and it’s expected to be cheaper than building concrete.

The BBC says the government has also set up a “cement factory” in the US that is expected to make cement blocks in the next few months.

The plan is to eventually replace concrete blocks with cement blocks. 

The move is not the first time the US has tried using cement for concrete, and a few other countries are considering doing the same.

The US, in the past, has tried the idea of using cement in the form of cement mix.

It has not yet been tested in concrete, but experts say it could be used to make the cement that’s used in concrete walls.

US President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order to use cement blocks to make concrete.

Trump has also talked about using cement as a replacement for concrete and has pledged to get the US to become the world’s biggest cement producer.

He has also promised to boost infrastructure spending to boost the economy.

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