The cement garden is the perfect place for those looking for a fresh and colorful decor.

The indoor space, designed by London-based company Storz &Bickel, features the most innovative and sophisticated designs to date, including a reclaimed wood floor, LED lights, and a ceramic tile floor.

This outdoor space is filled with green-clad plants.

A design from London-headquartered StorZ &amp, designed for the cement-garden’s renovation.

StorZ’s design, dubbed the cement floor, uses a combination of wood, stone, concrete, and steel to create an outdoor space.

The tiles are a ceramic mix and the concrete adds a reflective effect.

The concrete floors and walls in the cement patio.

For the cement green, the design features green fabric on the floor and wall.

The fabric is made from recycled polyester and is mixed with recycled cement to create a reflective surface.

The recycled cement absorbs heat and creates a green floor.

Plans for the concrete green and green floor are in the works and the company is working with the city to get the green roof approved.

One of the cement floors and flooring for the green patio.

The concrete green roof on the cement roof.

The green patio is a great place to start a new project.

This patio is made up of three panels that are lined with concrete, while the sides of the patio are filled with a green fabric that reflects light and provides shade.

This is the green floor on the concrete roof.

Another view of the green fabric-covered concrete patio. 

The concrete floor and concrete green canopy.

After making the green-floor plan and putting the roof together, the team wanted to get a feel for how to make the concrete floor.

Storzy is using a combination 3D printing technique, which creates a printed layer, to make each layer, the floor, and canopy.

Each layer is 3D printed, and the printed part is then layered over another layer of the same material.

This allows the team to have a very smooth and even surface on the surface of each layer.

They also plan to spray the fabric on each of the two sides of each building to make sure the roof is as shiny as possible.

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