A cement cleaner, a toxic substance that can cause cancer and death, is to be removed from Ireland.

Gardaí will begin removing the substance from streets in Dublin and elsewhere in the capital and the country’s north.

It is the first time the substance has been removed from public streets since the introduction of the controversial ‘garden-control’ legislation.

The removal of the compound, known as Cementic Acid, will be carried out under a legal challenge filed by the Friends of Cement in a Dublin court last year.

The Friends of the Earth Ireland is a charity which aims to protect the environment and the environment’s future.

It said the compound is a “highly toxic and highly addictive substance that has no legitimate use”.

“We are deeply concerned about the potential dangers posed by the compound in Ireland,” the group said.

Garden-Control was first introduced in Ireland in 2011, to control weeds on public parks.

A garda spokesperson said gardaí are working to remove the substance and that garda cars will be available in all locations in the country.

“This will allow the garda to have a presence in the area to enforce the rules and keep people safe,” the spokesperson said.

“We hope the public will understand the consequences of these actions.

We are not seeking to discourage people from using the compound.”

The Friends and Neighbourhoods Association said the substance should never have been put in public areas.

“These dangerous chemicals are not suitable for public use,” the organisation said in a statement.

“They should never be put in places where children and young people can go to play or have a socialising experience.”

The garda should be aware of these chemicals and act accordingly.

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