Construction is starting on a new cement trucks that will serve the city of San Diego for a few years, as the city’s population continues to grow.

The new trucks are being constructed in Southern California and will be used to transport cement, cementite and concrete.

The San Diego City Council approved the contract in a 2-1 vote Thursday, making San Diego the first city in the country to purchase cement trucks.

It is the latest effort by a city to develop its own cement supply.

In 2016, the city was one of the first to order cement trucks from California cement producer, DuPont, and its own truck is already in use.

The trucks, which will be operated by San Diego’s DuPont subsidiary, will be able to deliver cement and cementite to major construction sites in the city.

They will also be used for the construction of the city-owned and operated DuPont facility in the Port of San Juan, where the company is constructing the new DuPont San Diego facility.

The trucks will be delivered to the city in 2021.

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