When you have a concrete block in your backyard, you can expect that the block will fit together with aplomb.

But when you put a cement block in a garage, that cement block will become unstable, bend, or fall apart.

And that’s just what happened in this home in New Jersey.

The house is located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, about 25 miles southeast of New York City.

ABC News found that the concrete block was falling apart and in danger of falling apart.

It had a thickness of 10.6 inches.

But it was still more than 10 inches thick when we arrived on the scene.

We found the cement block had been in the garage for nearly two years.

The foundation was the result of the house’s previous owners who built it.

That foundation has had an uneven build-up of water and salt that had accumulated over time.

And it was starting to crack, the way it did in other homes we’ve visited.

But the cement was still in great shape, and the home’s builder had never even built the home.

It wasn’t until we visited that the builder admitted that he hadn’t even considered the possibility that his cement might fall apart and that the foundation might crack.

We called the builder and asked if he was aware that his foundation was so old.

He told us, “No, I’m just not aware that the house has fallen apart.”

But the builder’s admission was too late.

The concrete was falling together with the house and the garage.

When we finally got there, we found that it was just as unstable as it had been when we were there.

It was unstable enough to fall apart, but it wasn’t falling apart as quickly.

And the builder knew that because he’d never even considered this possibility.

And so, he said, “That cement block is going to have to go in the garbage.

We can’t get rid of it.”

When the cement went in the trash, it was in the same place as the foundation.

And as it fell apart, it went into a hole and a crack.

The builder told us that, “I think the building is gonna collapse.”

So what did the building’s builders do?

They put the cement in a landfill, which is a very different thing from the cement you would use in a house.

A building is a concrete slab with a concrete core and concrete walls.

And there’s no cement in there.

You’d have to use a landfill.

The building’s owner did put a slab of concrete in the basement.

And he was trying to keep the building safe by putting it in a garbage dumpster and then putting it into a landfill with the slab of cement.

But, he told ABC News, the concrete was already in the house, and when we saw the building, we could see it.

We saw the roof of the home was all gone, the foundation, the wall, and all of the foundation stones.

We could see the foundation block.

It didn’t seem to be any stronger than it had before.

It fell apart and the concrete and the house fell apart.

What caused the house to fall down?

The builder said he didn’t think much about it because the building had a previous owner.

But we wanted to know what he thought.

And what he told us was that the building was built for his father, and it had the same structure that he built.

And his father had done a lot of work on the building over the years.

And one of the things that he wanted to do was to make it work.

So, he was going to fix the structure so it would work for him.

The owner said, “[My father] wanted to use the structure to house a business, and he said that if I wanted to move out, I would have to build it.

And I think that the structure would work well.”

But then he said he wanted the structure for himself, and so he’d have it put in a building.

He also told us he’d put a foundation in it.

But this foundation had never been built before.

So what had happened?

The foundation’s owner told us it was his father who built the foundation and then built the building.

The contractor was working on the home when he got the call.

He said he did a lot in the home, but he was very busy and didn’t have time to do much work.

He called his father and told him what he was doing.

And then he told his father that he had the building on his hands and he was taking care of the building and the foundation until he could build something else for himself.

The problem is that his father was busy working on his business.

So the builder asked his father if he would like to help him.

And when he told him that, he just went on with his business and then he didn.

But what if he didn, because that would be a very serious situation?

The building contractor didn’t take much care of his work.

It’s a house that was in bad shape. He

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