If you’re looking to build a house in 3 easy steps, the cementing process is a great way to start.

For this project, I chose a solid slab of concrete and then drilled a hole for a large cement slab.

I then filled the hole with a thick layer of soil, followed by a second layer of sand, followed again by a third layer of earth, and finally a fourth layer of dirt.

Next, I laid a layer of the cement mixture in between each layer, and then covered the cement with a thin layer of gravel, followed a third time by a fourth and finally an eighth layer of compost.

The finished house looks like this.

Now that we have a solid foundation, we can begin adding our home’s interior features.

First, we will begin adding the exterior walls.

You will need to drill a hole through the concrete and install the concrete-plank framing.

Then, you will want to put up a fence, a porch, and a door that will fit over the doorframe.

This door frame, shown in the second photo above, has a built-in door that you can remove to allow access to the backyard.

Once you have the door frame up and secure, we are ready to add the interior.

Place the exterior wall facing up and connect it with a second solid wall.

To begin, attach a second floor to the second solid floor and attach a curtain that is the same color as the wall color.

Then, you can connect this curtain with the door on the exterior side.

Attach the second floor wall to the first solid wall and then attach a roofing panel that is a light shade of green.

Use the second panel as a back-up when installing the roofing.

Finally, attach the third solid wall to a second wall and attach the curtain that you previously attached to the door to the roof.

Make sure that the curtain is not in the way of the window or other exterior features of your home.

Take the curtain and attach it to the front of the wall that you are attaching to the new solid wall, so that it looks like the photo above.

And that’s it!

Now, it’s time to add some of the interior features to your home, and we’ll start by adding a fireplace.

Here’s how you do it: First of all, attach one of the fireplaces to the ceiling, then attach the other to the wall.

 Then, attach this wall to two other solid walls that are the same as the one you are replacing.

So, attach these wall pieces to the other wall pieces.

 And that should be it.

When you’re finished, attach your new fireplace to the exterior and attach an interior wall.

Then connect these two walls to the two exterior walls, so they look like the picture above.


Your house is now complete!

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