Blue cement blocks are a cheap way to decorate walls and floors.

It can be painted on walls and flooring with just a few coats of paint and they can be left in place for about three months, but some experts advise people to avoid using them because they can break easily.

Here are some tips for using blue cement paint.


Use a clear coat rather than a light grey paint You need to paint a light blue coat over the blue cement block so that it is a colour that people can easily recognise and apply with a paintbrush.

This can take a bit of time and a lot of patience.

Blue cement can be used on concrete floors or walls, but it is not recommended for interior walls or ceilings.


If you can, use a clear nail polish rather than the light blue paint you can buy online 2,500 people have reported that blue cement works best when painted with a clear polish rather a light one, a study by the University of Portsmouth in the UK found.

Blue is also a colour to avoid.


Use your nails carefully To avoid scratching your nails, make sure that you are using your nails only for the first coat.

Blue concrete blocks are strong and can take time to dry.


Use white paint rather a blue paint You can use a light white paint, but you can also use a paint with blue, gold, or other colours.


Apply the paint slowly You can wait a few hours, or overnight, for the paint to dry before using the blue paint.

If the paint is drying too fast, you can skip the second coat and start again.


Check your work before applying Blue cement is not as strong as other materials, but can be hard to work with, especially if you are a novice.

The strength of blue cement depends on how it has been painted.

It will also depend on how dry the paint has been.

The paint used should have a good consistency, and it should not look dry or uneven.


You can add a decorative nail if you like To make the blue concrete blocks, you need to remove the white paint and then paint the blue block.

You then need to use a nail polish or a thin nail polish and apply the colour using the nail.

The nail will adhere to the block and will help the paint adhere to it, making it look like it is sticking to something.

This technique is easier if you have some sort of decorative nail to stick to.

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