When it comes to climate change, the UK is at the front line.

But this time it could be the worst storm of the century. 

The storm that struck the UK on Tuesday has already left thousands without power, and experts warn it could bring widespread damage. 

“The UK is already at risk of an extended period of severe weather and floods, and this could result in serious loss of life and property,” said Dr John Stowe, a forecaster with the Met Office.

“There could be widespread flooding, loss of power and disruption to essential services.” 

The UK weather office said it was a major storm with winds of 130km/h and a gale force wind speed of 90km/hr. 

Forecasters have been warning of severe storms for several weeks, with heavy rain in the north-west, high winds in the Midlands and severe weather in the south. 

Storms are now forecast to hit Britain’s southern coast on Wednesday and Thursday, with some areas of Scotland expected to experience some of the strongest winds. 

A storm surge of 2.5 metres was recorded near Aberdeen in Scotland, with another 3.5 centimetres expected to fall in the coastal town of Dundee. 

Another storm surge warning has been issued for the coastal region of the Scottish mainland from Friday, with the National Grid warning of a 3m surge on the Aberdeenshire coastline. 

This is the third storm to hit the UK in recent weeks, and the latest to hit after a severe storm in February, which caused damage to a number of homes in the Scottish capital. 

There are no specific predictions for the next storms, but meteorologists have been predicting a “storm of the decade” for the country for decades. 

While the storms are expected to bring rain and snow, experts have said they will be less severe in the long term, with warmer weather expected in the coming months. 

On Tuesday, the MetOffice said a tropical depression, the strongest storm on record, was likely to make landfall in the UK between Friday and Monday. 

As of 1:00pm (local time) on Wednesday, the National Weather Service (NWS) had recorded a Category 3 storm in the Atlantic. 

Scientists say the UK could face some of its worst flooding since record-keeping began. 

If the forecast is correct, it could mean more than 1,000 homes could be left without power and up to 80,000 people could be without heat and water. 

Britain’s National Weather Council says the UK has already been hit by six storms in 2017 and six in 2018. 

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