A low-lying area in Los Angeles is home to a handful of cement plansters that have been the subject of an increasing number of construction delays.

The shortage of plansters for the cement boards that will fill the gaps between buildings has been a persistent issue for months.

The City has had a shortage of cement planers since March of this year.

The issue has been compounded by a lack of concrete for the concrete used in the planter system.

The city has not been able to source enough concrete for its concrete planters.

And the problem was compounded by the failure of the company that is making the concrete planter systems for the city.

The cement planer shortage is causing a shortage in the cement board market in Los Angels, according to Chris Johnson, the owner of the L.A. cement planeter company.

Johnson told KPCC he believes the shortage is coming from the fact that the City’s cement planeters are using more expensive materials than the local market can handle.

Johnson said he was surprised when the City put out a call for concrete planster orders because the market for the material was already saturated.

He said he’s concerned that the supply is not being enough and that the price is going up.

The shortage is making cement board orders less and less affordable, he said.

The City has also had a problem with the cement used in planters in Los Angelenos.

That problem has been exacerbated by the fact the City does not have the resources to produce concrete plans for the specific requirements of the cement industry.

Johnson’s company makes cement planeners that are used in building construction.

He and his co-workers have been working to fix the problem.

The company has been unable to get the necessary cement to be used in its cement planner system, which is made of concrete, because of the shortage of planters that it is able to produce.

Johnson explained to KPCC that the shortage has been in the works for months, and the first concrete planer that was built by the City was not completed.

The city has been working with the company to fix this problem, he added.

Johnson also told KPCT that he believes it’s more likely that the shortages are related to the city not having the right cement.

Johnson said he is optimistic that the problem will be resolved and that Los Angeles cement planster production will return to normal.

Johnson has said the city is trying to work with the contractors to address the problem, but he said it has been difficult.

He added that he’s also concerned that his company will be out of business.

“We’re not getting the concrete we need, so it’s been difficult for us to get these concrete plans,” Johnson said.

“We have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Johnson said that he will continue to fight for a supply of concrete planers in the future.

He hopes to get more concrete plans in the near future.

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