Google’s new cement color mixing technology can create a mix of colors in photos

The tech giant has announced that it’s working with a group of companies to develop a technology that can produce a mix between various shades of green and white.Google’s latest project, dubbed GreenColorMix, is a new color-enhancing technology that was unveiled at the Google I/O conference.The technology is meant to make color changes in photos, but Google says it’s also […]

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How to get a good mix of cement and concrete for your next project

In the United States, cement is made by crushing limestone in a press, blasting it with high-pressure water, and then mixing it with a mix of other materials.But here in Canada, the process is done in an old-fashioned cement factory, where the limestone is heated to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, then crushed and pressed.The limestone is poured into a large oven […]

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Why the US may have to consider using cement instead of cement blocks

The US may be the first country to experiment with using cement blocks instead of concrete blocks for concrete reinforcement.The idea is to help reduce costs associated with building concrete, the BBC reports.The use of cement is cheaper than using concrete blocks, and it’s expected to be cheaper than building concrete.The BBC says the government has also set up a […]

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