Kazakhstan cement producer quikrote cement to pay up to $15 billion

Kazakhstan cement producers are negotiating to sell off their remaining stake in cement producer Mezcladoras de cementos (mezclads) to buy up to 20% of the company, sources close to the negotiations told The Huffington Mail.The deal would mark a dramatic shift in the cement business in Kazakhstan, where cement production has been a low-margin business for decades, largely due to […]

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Why cement backer boards are cheaper than steel?

The cement board is used to build concrete and concrete products.It is a very light material, weighs less than 1 pound and is cheap to produce.It also comes in many different types.Here are a few of the cheapest: A lightweight concrete board, which weighs less 2.2 pounds.A light cement board with a diameter of 1 inch, weighing 3.4 pounds.The cost […]

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