When you buy cement, it will look like this:

This cement is not made of cement, however.Instead, it is made from limestone, a mineral that’s commonly used in building materials.It is an important ingredient in cementing cement pipes, cement flooring, cement walls and much more.Cement is a highly prized and widely used building material.It can be used to build concrete walls, concrete floors, brick walls, asphalt floors, steel beams […]

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WATCH: Alyssa Milano’s ‘Hannah Montana’ Is Still a Superhero Story in 2017

The trailer for the first episode of “Hannah Madison” has a message of hope, especially for the young woman who was raped at the hands of her rapists.“I don’t think this is about me, but I want to tell you, I’m still here,” Alyssah Milano, the former contestant of “The Voice” and a new member of the cast of “Hamilton,” […]

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How to make a $10,000 cement mixer

A $10 million cement mixer was built in the late 1960s and was used by a cement company for decades, according to a new book.Now, the inventor of the product has died.Robert L. Sperling died of heart failure in San Francisco in August.His work is credited with making cement a staple of the American home.He built the mixer to combine […]

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