When the White House and Mexico cut off Jordan 4s – but did the cement do the job?

The U.S. military has had a long-standing dispute with Jordan over the use of cement in its concrete.Jordan, however, maintains that it has been unfairly treated by the U.N. and the cement industry.A U.K.-based cement company called White Sands cement, which supplies most of the cement used in the U:S.-Mexico border fence, said in a statement that it is “deeply […]

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How to Make Liquid Cement 3s in 3 minutes

The black cement cement is a material used to make cement blocks.It is made of clay and clay-like minerals and is mixed with water to form a cement that holds together solid concrete blocks.The process of using black cement is very similar to that of making concrete bricks, but it requires a special kind of clay that is less dense […]

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California cement board goes public: $100M in funding

The California cement company that built a massive cement factory in Portland, Ore., to supply cement in Seattle, is looking to raise a record $100 million in public financing.The cement board, the California Department of Finance and other investors will fund the venture, said Bill Brown, executive director of the California cement manufacturing company.The $100-million deal is the largest in […]

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