Homebuilders use cement boards to build cemented walls

LEIGH HARTZER | Staff Photographer Cement boards made from recycled wood are seen at the Plastics Warehouse, a recyclable material supplier in downtown Raleigh, N.C., on Thursday, March 7, 2018.The company sells cement boards made of recycled wood to homeowners.The boards are also used in a number of other products, such as the building material used in paint and plastics.Photographer […]

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How to make a fence post cement board with ash grove cement

Fence posts are one of the best investments you can make for your home or business.They can be a great addition to a garage or shed, and can provide a nice little accent to your existing exterior, while also making your yard more attractive.As a bonus, they also make great patio furniture, especially in an area with little outside space, […]

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How to make hardwood floors

The hardwood flooring industry is undergoing an overhaul.The industry has seen a resurgence in the last decade, with more than 20 million tons of new hardwood cut annually, according to the Hardwood Products Association.But, the industry’s biggest competitor, the cement board company, is in a slump.The cement board business is down 70 percent since the beginning of 2017.So what has […]

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