Which cement floor tile is the safest?

With cement flooring, a coating of polyethylene is applied to the concrete, making it resistant to cracks and tearing.In addition to protecting against cracks, polyethylate offers good abrasion resistance and moisture-repellency properties.The cementing can be applied with or without cement or water-repelling agents.In the United States, the cement floor is sold as oatey PVC, a non-curing cement, and has the […]

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How to make cement grey tile for cement grey insulation

In the 1980s, the United States started using cement grey as an insulation material.The result?An insulating layer that was twice as effective as traditional cement.Now, it’s not a new technology, but the way cement grey tiles are made has been changing for years.Here are some tips to make your own cement grey for your home.

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Which cement is best for cementing siding?

According to experts, cementing is the preferred cementing material.In a study published in the journal Construction Science and Engineering, researchers found that cementing can be used on any materials, including wood, stone and concrete.“A lot of cementing materials, such as concrete and siding materials, can be cemented with any cementing compound,” said Dr. Anil Bhattacharya, the senior author of the […]

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