How to make cement driveway for a patio

A concrete driveway is the perfect way to make outdoor patio furniture.Here are some tips to get started.article What is cement?Cement is a cement-based concrete that is used to construct a concrete wall.The cement is then poured into a mortar or mortar-cast concrete wall, which is then filled with soil to create a hard surface.It can also be poured into […]

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How to paint blue cement blocks

Blue cement blocks are a cheap way to decorate walls and floors.It can be painted on walls and flooring with just a few coats of paint and they can be left in place for about three months, but some experts advise people to avoid using them because they can break easily.Here are some tips for using blue cement paint.1.Use a […]

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3 of the most dangerous outdoor cement boards around

By Steve GormanPublished December 12, 2016 07:45:51We’ve all seen the headlines, “the world’s most dangerous cement board”.They’re so scary that even seasoned cement experts don’t want to put their hands on them.We’ve compiled a list of the world’s top cement boards.These boards have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as safe for outdoor use, meaning they have […]

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